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BeeMedia is a company specializing in online advertising and technology development. Our team has many years of experience in plenty of fields such as Design, Programming, Application Development, Software, Website, and sales channels. BeeMedia provides solutions for brand promotion through YouTube channels, Tiktok, Facebook, Website or real-time bidding ad system by Adexchange.

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Design team works professionally, quickly and effectively


Advertising services through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Adexchange platforms

Web Development

The programming and management team has more experiences in technology


We are responsible for what we work and our success is due to your support


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Creative Bees

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Upviews Exchange

$0/ 1 milion Views

Views from Upviews Exchange

Lifetime Guarantee

Up to 10,000 per day

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YTbe.net views

$1.25/ 1000 Views

Views from Social network

100% Real Audiences

Lifetime Guarantee

Up To 2 Million Views Every Day

Google Ads

Advertising for Youtube Videos

$1.6/ 1000 Views

Reach Millions of Audiences

Unlimited Targeting

Optimizing Costs by Hand

No Geography Limit


August 23, 2016

The first days

We work together, and we have experienced a lot of difficulties in technology and human resources; however, our team is still working persistently. Now we are expanding to provide more services to customers around the world. We know that the difficulty is always ahead but we will try to make our best efforts to do everything to get satisfaction from our customers.

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